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Engaging Books About Colorado’s Past

Nancy Oswald is an accomplished author who writes historical fiction and nonfiction for young readers. Most of her children's books are set in Colorado representing the rich and storied history of the state. Read one of her works today!

About Nancy


Nancy Oswald has a passion for researching and writing historical fiction books. While she mainly writes fiction for young readers, she has published pieces in a variety of genres, including non fiction, personal interest, children’s plays, poetry, and educational research.
Oswald grew up in Denver, CO, but she spent her adult years in rural Colorado and the outback of British Columbia. There, she taught in a one- and a two-room school. Nancy taught for more than 20 years in rural Colorado before her retirement.
Now, she lives with her husband on a family ranch near Cotopaxi, CO. There, she looks after the family’s dogs, cats, cows, chickens, and Daisy the donkey. Daisy is a model for the fictional character, Maude Oliver, in the “Ruby and Maude Adventures.” Maude has a Facebook page that you can visit and give a like!  Her children's books have won multiple awards. 

School Visits and Speaking


Nancy speaks and does writing workshops for a variety of groups. She has been a guest speaker for service groups, local history groups, libraries, and other educational groups. She has also been a conference presenter for the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association and has presented at both the National and Colorado State Social Studies Convention. Her workshops can be tailored to fit group size and needs. Contact Nancy for more information.

What Makes Her Stand Out

History may not be the most interesting topic for some people, but Nancy has found a way to make it engaging and entertaining. Her books have won multiple awards, and a rural lifestyle makes it possible to interact with the same animals that end up on the pages of her children's books.  Her well-researched and captivating storytelling immerses readers into the past in an enjoyable and informative way.